It’s Been a While

Today is sunny, breezy, and May. Hallelujah. Today I ate an English muffin with Snert, and he told me about his drawings – lots of Bad Guys and Army Guys and guns.

Today I started putting new photos in frames for my picture rails. They’re spread all over my living room.

I’m thinking a lot about those who have lost children. Those who have no children. I’m praying for you all.

I’m longing for Heaven. I want to see the face of Jesus. I want to see Him laugh with his Mother. And how much Joseph loves them both.

I’m dying to understand God’s love for me. I still can’t wrap my head around it.

I think the Holy Spirit is a fascinating mystery. He’s the cool, mysterious dude of the Trinity, I know it.

I don’t want to eat fish sticks for dinner.

Cisco is hot.

Also, I appreciate his mind and stuff.

No, I really do. The other night he explained to me why water expands when it freezes. Dude knows everything.

Snert is wearing the same shirt for the fourth day in a row. I get him dressed in clean clothes every morning, and without fail, he uses mad ninja skills to change in to dirty ones three seconds before we need to walk out the door.

The other day I had a long (captive) conversation with my nephew about his “regularity”. The word “poop” gets exponentially funnier the more you say it. Don’t even get me started on “poo”. My husband says “poo”. There’s just no closure with that word. It goes on forever. Poooooooooooo.

My bathroom is gross. Am going to show it who’s boss.

I know, I know. It’s the boss.

Wow, look how quickly that went down hill…


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