7 Quick Takes Friday – Underpants Edition

Have a cup of coffee with me.

1. I’ve never done Quick Takes before, but I think it’s really going to work for me, being kind of ADD and whatnot. Not that it’s ever been diagnosed – I just have my suspicions. My mind races, I jump from task to task, I don’t finish things, I’m constantly getting sick of things around the house and switching out photos and pillow covers. I don’t know if these are symptoms of ADD because I’m too ADD to check, but it sounds like it.

2. Snert is still sleeping at almost 9:00 in the morning. I am going on three hours completely to myself since I woke up. Don’t be too jealous, though. If I could switch it out for a barfing three-year-old and a teething baby I totally would.

3. That’s very negative and ungrateful of me. Will try again. I am thankful for time alone. Time to pray, drink a pot of coffee, go to the bathroom thirty times because I wasn’t made to hold a pot of coffee, get the shakes because I wasn’t made to hold a pot of coffee, and put lotion on my lizard feet.

4. We are going camping tonight. In Nature. Which reminds me of the only other time we went camping, and Snert’s cousin was talking about sticks or ponds or something and was calling it all “Nature Parts”. Is now my most favorite term ever.

5. Before Cisco, I thought Body-Bathroom-Sex humor was just so gauche, dahling. One time in college some girls bought enormous flowered underpants and hid them in the boys bedrooms. When the boys thought I had done it, I was most ungracious and condescending about it all. I thought the prank was inappropriate and juvenile, and I thought the cheez-whiz-in-my-shower-head-retaliation offensive in the extreme. I’ll never forget the terror in that boy’s eyes when I balled him out. In hindsight I’m embarrassed for being such a humorless jerk. Two of those girls later ended up being my roommates and very close friends. Oddly enough, they are both cloistered nuns now. I wish I were more like them, giant underpants included.

6. Not that I want to wear giant underpants. Speaking of, I had another college roommate who had underpants wars with her mom. She would buy new underwear at school (we’re talking Hanes cotton briefs with little flowers on them) and her mother would throw them out every break because they were so Sexy. I mean, they didn’t even cover the belly button!

7. Hmmm, let’s elevate things. Hmm hmmm… Ah. I’ve been reading a Peter Kreeft book, The Angel And The Ants, and it’s good! Duh. I’ve like Peter Kreeft for a while, actually. He’s readable. This one is basically about, as the subtitle suggests, “bringing Heaven closer to your daily life”. I’m not very far in to it, but so far he has done a marvelous job of stressing the importance of prayer. As he says, “the most popular and powerful excuse we give for not praying, or not praying more, or not praying regularly, is that we have no time. The only effective answer to that excuse, I find, is a kind of murder. You have to kill something, you have to say no to something else, in order to make time to pray.”

Damn. That is so true. I’m relatively new to regular praying – I’ve only been really trying for a couple of years now – and none of it happened until (all through God’s grace) I flipped my life on its head. Instead of saying, “here is my day, now let’s see where I can wedge in prayer,” it became “Here is my prayer, and the rest can fit around it.” Flipping things on their head made my world right-side-up. Behold, less time wasted, more things accomplished, greater peace, joy, butterflies, etc. Also have sweet halo now.

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