On Dates, Junior Prom and Self-Improvement?

Linking up with Jen at Conversion Diary today!

1. We’re going to go ahead with refinancing our house, assuming we can pass an appraisal. That should be no problem since we’ve recently gutted the bathroom and re-vamped it circa 1972 – Pepto Bismol pink tile edged in black, pink plastic faux-marble vanity and pink-on-silver raised pattern wallpaper. Even the vertical blinds match. We’ve got this in the bag.

2. Speaking of sarcasm, a few weeks ago we had some people over for dinner, and one of the ladies in attendance didn’t speak that language. I couldn’t figure out at first why she looked so horrified and confused all the time. Now, I wasn’t being snarky-sarcastic, but it was still a wake-up call that maybe I need to be more sincere. Put it on the dang freaking list. Here’s an excellent article about just that. Go Simcha, again.

3. I would very much enjoy this for dinner, instead of the Pile-of-Apathy I have planned. And, by the way, that is a fantastic food blog. I’m sure you read it already, but if not you must. She’s a fantastic writer and her food makes me want to eat my arm off.

4. Snert and I are reading “The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe”. That all sounds very impressive and caring, but I only started reading it to him because he brought it to me and said, “Can you read the part where Santa comes?” So I guess he’s seen the movie? And I don’t really remember that? And isn’t it kind of scary? And isn’t it the Worst Thing Ever to see the movie before you’ve read the book?

Question mark?

5. Yesterday Cisco asked me out on a date via text. It made me feel like a teenager (not quite sure why, since we didn’t have text messages back then). I had an immediate impulse to blow out my bangs and douse myself in J’adore by Christian Dior. I got myself under control, though, and put on some earrings and Eau-de-Generic-Intensive-Moisturizing-Lotion instead, which is unscented, by the way. We went out to dinner and had a lovely laughy time.

6. Speaking of fancy, Christian Dior is pretty snazzy for a teenager, right? My older, classier sister gave me a bottle for my sixteenth birthday and I stretched it out for years. I still love it and toy with the idea of buying a new bottle every now and then, but every time I smell it I’m swept back to Prom 2001, and suddenly I’m dancing the clutch n’sway to “I wanna stand with you on a mountain,” and debating intensely with myself over how soon I need to reapply my blue frosty eyeshadow. That matched my dress. NO ONE UNDERSTOOD HOW HARD THAT PHASE WAS, NO ONE!

Just kidding, it actually was a hard phase,  and not just because of the eye shadow. I was also worrying about things like “When did my brothers get so tall and scary?” and “How can I convince my parents, and by extension myself, that my boyfriend and I are totally in love for real and therefore should be allowed to talk on the phone for two hours every night?”

They never were convinced, and neither was I.

7. While Cisco and I were holding hands and gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes (lie) over dinner last night he said proudly “Guess what I did the other day!”

“You wrote me a love letter,” I answered non-threateningly.

“Yes! It was so soothing to my soul. I had all these loving adjectives I just needed to get out. No, actually I went to Culvers and got an ice cream sundae in the middle of the work day!”

And that was how our marriage ended. Ha ha, just kidding! Not! Yes!

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