I’m Giving Myself Seven Minutes

To do these quick takes. Whew. Should be easy because I have nothing to say for myself.

1. We are going to a wedding tomorrow. And then another one in a month. I have not a thing to wear, and no acceptable shoes. This is what happens when you indulge a love of espadrilles over functional shoes, and lose a few pounds because you’ve recently started a “low inflammation” (read: from the devil) diet.

2. Oh, you want to hear about the diet? Well, too bad. I got all my whining out on my sister and my husband. All I’ve been doing really is cutting out dairy, wheat and sugar-but-n0t-wine. So, I more or less eat like a squirrel. Nuts and nuts, with carrots sometimes. It’s such a relief not to have to eat cheeseburgers and milkshakes any more.

Doesn’t that look nasty?

3. I gave Cisco a hairc121.3ut this morning, which is not remarkable because he needs one every three weeks, so I’ve given him approximately  121.333333333infiniti haircuts. By my calculations he’s saved close to $1,500 so far, and I’m prepared to be paid.

4. We’re trying to buy a new (used) car. There is the Functional Car, and the Car We Both Love Because It’s Cooler. We’re super smart consumers, so we’ll probably buy the cool one. Then we can take all those camping trips to the mountains that Cisco’s always talking about.

5. Speaking of camping, it seems like the world is in a camping revolution at the moment. Everyone is talking about it. Why? Are we that out of touch with nature (yes) these days? And is that such a bad thing? Nature’s pretty and stuff, but it also stings and scrapes and gets in your cracks. Just something for you to think about…

6. My seven minutes are up and this has been a complete waste of everyone’s time. Go me. I should be showering instead, but my shampoo has been making my hair real weird, so there’s no point, right? What’s a super awesome salon-quality shampoo that is also free?

7. The ukulele! It’s so cute and small! I play it so badly! Go get one right now and strum it and pretend you’re on a Hawaiian beach in the sunset wearing a grass skirt and coconut shells. That’s what ALL Hawaiians do, right? US AMericans…

Have a super weekend! Exclamation. Go read the rest of the quick takes at Conversion Diary!


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