Borrowing Children and Music Lately

Quick Takes – here goes.

1. At 5am yesterday morning Cisco’s sister and brother-in-law-who-is-also-my-cousin dropped off three of their kids for a couple of days, while they jet off somewhere tropical called Can-a-da. Snert is slap-happy, but for the rest of us it was a sleepy day, and the early start meant that I was ready for dinner at 4, bedtime at 5:30 and naps all day long. Hallelujah, bed time came at long last, for the kids first and then for us about five minutes later. We got them cozied up on the air mattress, and Cisco read On the Banks of Plum Creek, and then we all said the Rosary, and then two of them were still awake, so we said a bunch of extra prayers at the end (we are so holy, you don’t even know), and then they were still awake so we walked and rocked the littlest until finally she gave up and then are you asleep yet, too?

It’s called bet time with multiple children, Rose. Shock to the system (in a good way).

2. The youngest of the younguns, my niece (let’s give her a nick-name… uh, I’ll call her Monique because that name is awesome and classy and sassy all at the same time, just like her) is three, and she is a peach. She was telling me today about a friend of her mom’s, a lady who “Goes to wehk. And she has a sehvant’s hyte.” That’s “servant’s heart”, if you were wondering. Awesome.

3. Speaking of hytes, Monique has big time stolen Cisco’s. He moved to sit next to her after dinner, and she blushed and coyly draped her arm over his. She played it real cool, but her eyebrows shot up from trying to repress a smile, and Cisco melted into a puddle of cheese all over the floor. It was disgusting.

I wish I could give Cisco a daughter.

4. I just found this song on Cisco’s wish list, and it’s real nice. Watch the video – I love everything about it. I want to go to there and swing on that rope and sing a song and DAMN I wish I could dance. Now that I’m on the subject, let’s quit pretending I actually have anything to Take Quickly, and talk about some of my favorite music. Here’s another one that feels like Friday. Even though he says something about Mondaaaaaay and Tuesdaaaaaay in it. It’s mellow.

5. I don’t know why this song is on my wish list, except that I put it there. It feels like Friday to me too, though, what ever that means. I love a good beat. Speaking of a good beat, this song is really stupid but fun – and just so you know it has a couple of bad words in it, but that’s ok (?) because it’s one of the best uses of bad words I’ve heard. Just whatever, don’t let your kids listen to it. Geez.

6. I love this song – don’t know why really, except that I first heard it in the movie Ghost Town, which I also love and you should see. Great home-date movie. And here’s a new 0ne – from Hugh Laurie’s new album. I grew up on Jeeves and Wooster, which is infinitely better than House, so if you haven’t yet you should give Hugh a try. He’s a dude.

7. R-r-r-random. Let’s wrap this up. This is one of my favorite Wilco songs. This was all rather thin today, but I can’t care. I leave you with Flight of the Conchords, because they never get old to me. Have a blessed weekend!

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