*January: The world slips down the slushy slope of Seasonal Affective Disorder, and we write our feelings. If it’s bad enough, we stop writing. I am shockingly un-depressed. Thank you, God, and what?

*Cisco is building a toy box in the basement, and Snert is sliding across the ice rink with the neighbors.

*We have an ice rink. Cisco did it, and it takes up our whole back yard, and what with all the snow this Winter there has been a lot of shoveling up in here. One night we got home after midnight, and I tucked Snert in bed, went out back and shoveled with the moon. I could hear the snow fall, and not much else. Cisco came out and helped. He swirled in tight loops, giggling like a six-year-old, while I shoveled in neat little rows. Marital personality switching – what new surprises?

*Don’t we love a new year? So much unknown. What fresh horrors this year, Lord? What gifts? Last year brought three surgeries (me), two failed adoptions, one breast cancer scare and no pregnancies. Looks terrible on paper, doesn’t it? We’re doing fine, though. Huh!

*Dinner-making apathy has reached new lows. I love food. I even like to cook a lot of the time. But it’s gotten to that January place of “What wodge of ground beef/italian sausage/Frozen Fatty Thing did I forget to thaw today?” Soups and stews sound uninspired, and salads insufficient. More and more often I think of the “olden days”, when people had to make it through eight or more months of the year on things like corn meal, salt pork, and old potatoes (can you tell that my only resource is Laura Ingalls Wilder books?). “It could be so much worse” is an invaluable mind trick, even if it is screwed up. I have it so good.

*Still sick of making dinner, though.

*I am stalled half-way through Anna Karenina. I want to like it, and Tolstoy is wonderful wise about people, but Anna is such a drip. Plenty of the other characters are fascinating, though.

*Two of my nephews make me laugh a lot. One of them just turned three, and he calls me Aunt Roses, and his mittens his “fittins”. The other (from a different family) says “I’m two and I’m huge,” by way of introduction. Weird, awesome little people.

I hope you laugh today.


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