My Guy

Cisco’s been really happy lately. I’ve noticed, of course, but other people have, too. It’s odd that it makes an impression at all, because he’s never been an unhappy person – he’s what people call level. I guess he was heavy with life, though. For seven or so years, we forgot how to laugh.

rosefrank 1

Life was so… churny that we couldn’t stop treading water long enough to laugh. There were times (for a while there, almost all the times) when the thought of trying to “find joy” left me exhausted. (In hindsight I’m pretty sure I had depression for parts of it, too.) Infertility is as heavy as an elephant around your neck. Or at least your wife’s neck, in which case you’re drowning, too, buddy. Marriage.

It is desperately lonely to lose the joy you take in the one you love. Now, somehow, it’s coming back to us. Laughter and lightness. Oh, but I love laughing with Cisco. He delights me. And laughter makes fondness, and fondness, more laughter.

rosefrank 2

What a gift. Damn flipping luxury. It’s been so long.


You indeed are my Savior,

and in the shadow of your wings I shout for joy.

(Ps 63:8)


Cisco and I are not done crying, but we know how to laugh again. Somewhere in there, I don’t even know where, He taught us.

God must be raucous with joy.



5 thoughts on “My Guy

  1. Those moments of laughter, the sneak in and are pure and full of nothing but joy, making it possible to forget the tears if only for a moment – such a gift of grace! Relish them and when the tears return, try to remember what the laughter felt like.

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