There And Back Again

Real posts are too hard/dumb. So yay QuickTakes. Go to Conversion Diary for more.

1. Snert and I have been discussing Halloween costumes almost daily, and he momentarily settled on “ninja”, but now it’s a “Brown Bat”. Is that a thing? He also suggested that I dress up as a cow.

Oh yeah? Well one time I dressed you up as Dumbo.

2. Cisco installed a new front door last weekend, because he actually is a ninja. It’s so pretty. I like it so much that I use only PG-13 swear words when I impale myself on the shims still sticking out the sides. Apparently hanging a door is a big scary thing, and it’s not something that novices take on, but Cisco did. I think Ron Swanson is his soul mate.

3. A couple of weeks ago we went to my grandma’s lake house for the weekend. We went for a “hike” in the woods/dunes, and scaled down a huge hill just like snipers, except not on our stomachs and really really loud.

That’s not the hill.

Neither is this.

Deep thoughts.

The woods were very “Lord of the Rings”, as my sister puts it.

That makes us Legolisco, Snodo, and Gimlose.

4. PSA for all you Marthas out there: I’ve made my own chicken broth twice in the last week or two, and it tastes fantastic but makes my house smell like half-hearted farts. Speaking of which, sauteed cabbage smells decisively of farts. Makes me feel like this.

I’m sorry to use such a crass word, by the way. My mother would never approve. But isn’t “pass gas” worse in a way? Where are you passing it?

5. The other night Snert announced with astonished glee, “This is my second pair of clean white socks in a row!!!” That pretty well sums up my skills as a mother. On the up-side, the other night he said “I would totally snuggle with you”. Then he awkward half-hugged me from his chair, and reached out his other hand across the table to Cisco so we could all be joined in a moment of family love. (Cisco and I can be kind of crusty, so I don’t really know where he gets it.) He looked exactly like Cisco’s 98 year old great-grandma, a really lovely woman who is so small that when she pats me on the back it’s really my bottom. I don’t think she realizes she’s doing it, so I just let her, which makes it both more and less awkward at the same time.

6. I don’t have a six or a seven, and for that you are welcome. Have a great

7.  weekend.